Tekhaus Consulting is a digital consultancy focused exclusively on NationBuilder, with expertise in designing and developing intelligent, powerful online presences.

As certified NationBuilder Architects and Experts, Tekhaus offers a wide range of services – including full custom themes, speedy initial nation setup, ongoing people and voter data management, graphical and UI modifications, communication strategies, and online training.



NationBuilder is the world's first Community Organizing System: an accessible, affordable, complete software platform that helps creators grow and organize communities to achieve great things.

A nation is group of people united behind a common purpose. Everyone who cares about what you are doing – your fans, followers, constituents, members, donors, volunteers, customers, shareholders, and partners – are all part of your nation.

NationBuilder helps you find and organize other people who share your passion so you can build your nation, move your supporters into action, and achieve your goals.


People power your nation – a community without people is a barren wasteland that no one wants to visit. Tekhaus can assist you with empowering your nation through people/voter imports, show you how to organize them with tags, lists, and filters, and then mobilize them for events.


Websites provide the foundation of your presence – a jumbled architecture will turn people off to your core purpose. Tekhaus can help you solve the puzzle of choosing an appropriate theme for your organization, relevant page types for your purpose, and intuitive navigation for your community.


Communication is key – using the proper channels in a timely manner will greatly increase the effectiveness and impression of your message. Tekhaus can impart to you best practices for configuring broadcasters, the main vehicle for reaching your community through email and text blasts, and integrated social posting.


Finances are the lifeblood of a organization – ineffective management of fundraising functions can bleed your cause dry. Tekhaus can walk you through the myriad options provided by NationBuilder to raise money through donations, pledges, and memberships, to invoice customers or clients, and to configure payment processors.