These are a few of my favorite things...

  • GatsbyJS — Gatsby provides a React-based framework for static site development, combined with GraphQL and an extensive plugin ecosystem that provides interfaces to almost any type of content data source. Additionally, it pre-renders views at build time to improve SEO.
  • GraphQL — A rich query language for APIs that greatly reduces a lot of the complexity of working with standard RESTful APIs.
  • Netlify — Hosting of the future, with single-click (or command!) deployments, easily configurable CI/CD via git code repos, and a global CDN. And free, almost instantaneous secure certificates.
  • Algolia — Hands down the best search-as-a-service offering available. Extremely useful for indexing content or product pages with whatever metadata your project requires.
  • Zapier — Powerful workflow automation that seamlessly connects essentially every useful web app on the planet.

If your site/project could benefit from any of these technologies, please contact me to see how I might assist.