Work Specialties

The primary type of work I do generally falls into the categories below. If your site/project needs expert assistance in any of these areas, please get in touch to see how I can help.

Custom Website

If you want a blazingly fast, modern marketing site or blog, then I highly recommend using a static-site generator like Gatsby. Coupling this framework with rapid deployment to a global CDN such as Netlify makes building and maintaining your site a breeze.

In addition to crafting your new site, I can assist with choosing a headless CMS for your ongoing content creation needs. And for smaller volume ecommerce, a service such as SnipCart can also be attached to your static site.

Interested in learning more? Read a Project Summary on how all these technologies work together.

Custom Theme

While I consider myself a design-conscious developer, I am a builder first and foremost. Thus, I generally follow the principle of B.Y.O.D. — Bring Your Own Design(er)™. I'm happy to partner with your agency or in-house design team to create a pixel-perfect rendition of your vision.

I frequently build custom website themes for Shopify ecommerce stores and Nationbuilder nations, but I can likely build a completely custom theme no matter which hosting platform you choose.

Custom App/Service

Occasionally, you'll need a custom app or service that isn't quite frontend, and isn't fully backend. Often, this amounts to developing an app that communicates with one or more 3rd party APIs and deploying it to run on Heroku or AWS.

A few representative custom apps:

  • Developing a Node/Express app that responds to event webhooks from client's platform, generates dynamic PDFs, and faxes them via the Twilio Programmable Fax service.
  • One-time or ongoing data transformation using NodeJS
  • Sending external form data to a CRM's API using webhooks and Express
  • Creating text or voice interaction flows using Twilio
  • Adding product search with Algolia to a proprietary hosted website with no intrinsic search functionality
  • Generating a weekly automated event listing email to subscribers by proximity using SendGrid