Eastman Strings: Project Summary


Eastman wanted to refresh their Strings brand website, but they were unhappy with the functionality and performance of their current all-in-one hosted solution. In addition to faithfully implementing the modern design they created, they strongly desired a site that would be:

  • Fast to load - by significantly reducing page load speed for their global audience.
  • Fast to iterate - by improving the internal team's content tools and workflow.
  • Fast to notify - by keeping their customers and CRM updated in real-time.


  • Fast to load - The new website was built using GatsbyJS and React and deployed to Netlify. The Lighthouse score is now consistently in the mid 90's, which is a significant improvement from the under 50 scores of the previous site.
  • Fast to iterate - The component-based architecture paired with the custom content object model in the headless CMS allows the marketing team to draft, preview, and publish new content, sections, and pages in minutes instead of hours or days.
  • Fast to notify - A NodeJS app was developed that would respond to Netlify Forms webhooks, use SendGrid for sending transactional emails to customers, and integrate with their CRM API to create/update those same customers.